RHINOCEROS by Eugene Ionesco. University of the Arts. 2019

For this production, I had the pleasure of crafting a series of soundscapes that played under a large portion of the show. In addition to the sounds of Rhinos that are called for in the script, we wanted to create a world that was abstracted. I created this world using a mix of synthesizers, distorted soundscapes, and percussive recordings of the cast on bucket drums.

In addition to the music and soundscapes created for the production, there were live bucket drummers during 2 of the key moments of the play. I placed a wireless microphone on the drum. The sound of the drum would then trigger a series of commands in QLab that would then send a GO to the Lighting Console to trigger certain effects on the beat of the drum. A rough version can be seen in the rehearsal video below. The video was taken before some of the programming kinks had been worked out, but the design idea is there!

Photos by Cass Meehan.

Photos by Cass Meehan.


Rhinoceros. University of the Arts. 2019
Direction: Fadi Skeiker
Scenic Design: Chris Haig
Lighting Design: Larry Barnes
Costume Design: Cass Meehan
Props Design: Kat Wheary
Puppet Design: Brendan Gawel
Sound Design: Damien Figueras