JIMMY GORSKI IS DEAD by Kristen M. Scatton. ReVamp Theatre Collective. 2017

"When a young man with a bright future dies unexpectedly of a heroin overdose, those closest to him - his brother, his best friend, and his girlfriend - must confront their feelings about him, each other, and their own roles in the tragedy. As time shifts between past and present, so does the blame, in this exploration of lies told, secrets kept, and the devastating consequences.”


In composing the score for Jimmy Gorski, it was important to feel that the music was coming from Jimmy. He was an aspiring musician whose life, and music, very much emulated Kurt Cobain.  At the start of the show, we established these melodic structures that we would then deconstruct throughout the course of the show. The play oscillates between present-day (immediately following Jimmy’s funeral) and Jimmy’s life leading up to his overdose. As we move closer to his overdose, the music becomes less and less melodic and much more hazy. The final transition is a prime example of this. The music started in the transition and lingered throughout the scene, as if to represent something beyond this world lingering over Jimmy’s head.

Photos by Shamus McCarty.

Photos by Shamus McCarty.


Jimmy Gorski Is Dead. ReVamp Theatre Collective. 2017
Direction: Carly Bodner
Scenic Design: Raven Buck
Lighting Design: Amanda Jensen
Sound Design and Original Music: Damien Figueras