THREE SISTERS by RASHDASH, after Chekov. Curio Theatre Company. 2019

For this production, I had the privilege of composing a fully original score that was sung by the 3 actors every night. The play was originally devised in the U.K. and is now available for licensing. Curio was the first company to obtain the rights outside of the original production. As such, there were some learning curves along the way. The text includes lyrics for all of the musical numbers but no music. For this production, we focused on creating a sound that was part electronic and part 90s Alternative (Tori Amos, Amanda Palmer, Liz Phair). With the exception of one song that was played live on the piano, all of the instrumentals were pre-recorded. The actors would trigger their own music using a QLab rig setup with a MIDI Pad at an onstage DJ Booth. The intention was that the music felt like it was something home-grown and that was created by the actors.

Photos by Rebecca Gudelunas.

Photos by Rebecca Gudelunas.

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Three Sisters. Curio Theatre Company. 2019
Direction: Meg Trelease
Scenic Design: Paul Kuhn
Lighting Design: Tim Martin
Costume Design: Aetna Gallagher
Prop Design: Doug Greene
Sound Design and Original Music: Damien Figueras