EURYDICE by Sarah Ruhl. Arcadia University. 2015

          In composing the music of Eurydice, I focused on creating a simple lullaby that could be deconstructed in various ways as the show went on. The initial impulse for simplicity was that their love was pure and almost child-like. The longer Eurydice spends in the Underworld, the more complex and distorted the music becomes.

          In contrast to the simple and fluid theme of Orpheus and Eurydice, the Father’s theme ends up being much more rhythmic. By accenting the downbeats, the theme feels much more like a metronome. Father is much more put together and stoic than Orpheus and Eurydice. In the script, it is said he is dressed in a suit and works in the business world. At the end of his first monologue, the stage directions indicate that he checks his watch before leaving. This is to further the idea that Father’s movements and words are intentional and precise, much like a clock. Once Eurydice arrives in the Underworld, he begins to break out of his stringent mold. He begins to break the rules of the Underworld. He decides to build a room out of string for his daughter, even though rooms are not allowed. The underscoring for this moment starts with the metronome-like rhythm but, as this theme continues, it begins to open up into a much more fluid melody with no strict meter or tempo.

Photos by Matthew Wright.

Photos by Matthew Wright.


Eurydice. Arcadia University. 2015
Direction: Allison Heishman
Scenic Design: Melissa Cristaldi
Lighting Design: Joshua Schulman
Costume Design: Alisa Sickora-Kleckner
Sound Design: Mark Valenzuela
Original Music: Damien Figueras