ANTIHERO. Tribe Of Fools. 2016

Comic book nerds turn vigilante against the Philadelphia Parking Authority. “Top-notch, beautifully stylized fight dancing” and a “feminist critique of comic book culture” tell the hilarious story of one man’s ridiculous obsession with Batman, Justice and heroes who do the wrong things for the right reasons.

This production was such a blast to design. Within the show, there are several large fight sequences. One of said sequences is, what we referred to as, The Video Game Fight. This show was a remount for ToF, but I was new to the team. Part of what we were able to expand upon in this iteration of the show was the use of sound, especially in the fight sequences. This 3 minute sequence went from a few cues at key moments to having a sound with every single hit and movement. For this, I pulled from my own video game knowledge and experience (we’re talking the good old Nintendo library of games: Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Mario..etc).


Antihero. Tribe Of Fools. 2016
Direction: Terry Brennan
Scenic Design: Peter Smith
Lighting Design: Tim Martin
Costume Design: Becca Austin
Sound and Projection Design: Damien Figueras